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Branding & print design 

Some of my most recent branding and print design projects. I like to work digitally as well as  traditionally using watercolours, crayons, inks or pencils. I tend to mix it up and use what works best to suit the individual project. My experience includes branding for events and small businesses as well as printed programmes, brochures and signage.

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Interior Design

Sadhbh has the ability to create a room that is warm and inviting as well as modern and classic.  My aim was to represent her very unique use of colour and texture within her new brand. I incorporated watercolour elements throughout to give her branding an authentic and personal feel.

Website_Branding_Images_Barcelona 2021.jpg

Event Design

A city that is considered to be one of the artistic capitals of the world. But how do you bring the vibrant culture of Barcelona together with a medical ophthalmology conference? By getting to know the client and thinking outside the box. By getting creative with the style of the city and then pairing this back to fit in with the brief.

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MMI's mission is to inspire hope, promote awareness and contribute to health and well-being by providing support to every patient, carer and healthcare professional dealing with myeloma. My aim was to create a logo that visually represents the fantastic services provided by this organisation.

Website_Branding_Images_Euretina Virtual 2021.jpg

Event Design

When the pandemic hit, the world went virtual. This included all events which, at the time, seemed impossible. I was asked to come up with a brand that would represent this well-known society and their 2021 virtual conference. This included working side by side with the web developers to ensure the end result was a virtual platform which was simple and consistent with the brand,  always keeping the on-screen view in mind.

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