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Multiple myeloma branding

Multiple Myeloma Ireland

MMI's mission is to inspire hope, promote awareness and contribute to health and well-being by providing support to every patient, carer and healthcare professional dealing with myeloma. I wanted to create a logo that visually represents the fantastic services which this organisation provides.

Services: Brand Identity, Print Ads & Web Graphics

Multiple Myeloma branding
Multiple Myeloma branding
Multiple myeloma logo

I created a simple line shape of two hands tied together portraying a feeling of welcome and support with a drop of blood central within the two hands.  The tie in between the two hands also replicates an upside down ribbon - the universal symbol of cancer.

Multiple Myeloma Colour palette

The colour palette focuses around burgundy - the ribbon colour for Multiple Myeloma Awareness. I decided to add a bright sunshine yellow to give the branding a pop of warmth.

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