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Barcelona Conference

Event Branding

A city that is considered to be one of the artistic capitals of the world - But how do you bring the vibrant culture of Barcelona together with a medical ophthalmology conference? By getting to know the client and thinking outside the box. By getting creative with the style of the city and then pairing it back to fit in with the brief.

I was inspired by Pablo Picasso's cubist style, specifically his reinterpretation of ‘Las Minenas’ by Diego Velazquez which is currently located in the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. Picasso spent most of his young life in Barcelona, being influenced by the city every day.

Services: Brand Identity, Print Ads & Social Media

Barcelona event conference logo branding

I spent some time analysing Picasso's cubist style, specifically his use of block fragmented shapes in order to create his final piece. I combined these shapes to make up the word 'BARCELONA'.

Barcelona event conference colours

The colour palette I chose was taken from Picasso's original artwork with the saturation increased. This  resulted in brighter, more vivid versions of each colour. The final palette of red, yellow, teal and black  represents the colourful city of Barcelona.

Barcelona logo branding
Barcelona event branding
Barcelona event branding
Barcelona event branding
Barcelona event branding lanyard
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