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My Latest Pattern Collection 'Bare'

Inspired by nature, this pattern collection is filled with raw texture, hand-painted motifs and an earthy colour palette.

By pairing back each shape to its rawest form, I was able to show the bare basics of this collection - the beautifully textured lines from oil pastels, the variation of tone in watered down black ink, the scratchy marks of a toothpick or the rough edges of ripped paper.

Moodboard & Research

I started this project by researching natural textures and patterns in nature, weathered man-made materials like rusty walls or gates, cracked paint, broken wood etc. I looked at abstract artists' work to see how they combine textures and layers to create beautiful marks within their abstract art and striking compositions.

Moodboard: Raw textures and natural patterns
Moodboard 1: Natural textures and patterns. Image credits: pinterest

Moodboard: Abstract art.
Moodboard 2: Abstract art. Image credits: pinterest

The Design Process

Most of the motifs were painted using basic materials that I found outside or lying around the house (sticks, toothpicks, styrofoam, bubble wrap, twine/string, old paint brushes or dried markers). These helped create a natural feel to the collection. I used Photoshop to scan in and isolate these marks while making sure to keep their natural shapes and textures. I wanted a dark and earthy colour palette to continue the feeling of nature, like you've just stepped outside on a crisp Autumn day. I used my daily walks with my dog as an opportunity to take photos of weeds and plants for inspiration.

The Final Collection

The final pattern collection consists of 8 pattern designs in 2 colourways. This collection was designed for use in interiors, homeware and stationery and is currently available for non-exclusive or exclusive licensing.

If you'd like to view the full collection or discuss licensing options, please get in touch via my contact form. We also have a selection of botanical, abstract and seasonal designs available for licensing. If you'd like access to my full pattern library then contact me via my contact form.


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