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My go-to products all in one place

I am definitely someone who loves to learn. I'm always testing out new products, for both digital illustration as well as traditional. Therefore, I've created this page as a go-to online space where I can list out all the products I'm currently using in my work and would recommend. I'll be linking these up with some step-by-step tutorials coming soon to my blog.

If you have any questions on any of the below products, please feel free to message me on social media or by email. I am happy to answer any queries you might have!

Digital Tools for Procreate

This canvas pack by Trailhead Design Co covers all mediums including wet, dry and paint media. As well as actual gold leaf to add a nice finishing touch to your piece.

Another great product by Trailhead Design Co. I've spent a long time testing many watercolour brushes on the ipad and I can safely say these are one of the best!

An absolute joy to use and so realistic! Another amazing brush pack from Lisa Glanz. I'm totally obsessed with these brushes and their realistic texture.

I've used this amazing brush pack by Abbie Uproot in some of my most popular floral prints. There's also a great free tutorial using these brushes here if you want to check it out.

My Favourite Traditional Materials

I've tried and tested a few watercolour sets and my favourite one to use is by Winsor & Newton, the Cotman Half pan set linked here!

I'm definitely still a bit of a newbie to goauche painting, but so good so far with this jelly goauche set from Himi. The colours are really vibrant and easy to use.

This page includes affiliate links to select partners. Resulting purchases may pay a small commission to Lara Elsie Design (at no additional cost to user)

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